Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spiritual Guides

Derek Acorah has Sam. Who do you have?

There are many types of Spiritual Guides noted in the annals of the paranormal. Spiritual Guides may be there during a person’s entire lifetime- to help them with their vocation, to assist them in emergencies and to help them when they are ready to cross over into another dimension.

For instance, in certain spiritual traditions, Angels or Guardian angels are Spiritual Guides for selected individuals. Sometimes, it is said, Spiritual Guides are there for everyone, but most people are not aware of them. Angels, as Spiritual Guides, are often characterized as a separate species of creature, distinct from human.

Nowadays, perhaps partially as a result of the popular television show, Touched by an Angel, angel stories abound. Take the book by Lynn Valentine, Angels Everywhere: Miracles and Messengers. In her book, an invisible angel with a celestial voice assists a California woman after an audience, trumpeting out, “Be calm,” from the corner of a room. Another story speaks of a man who is counseled to skip a trip to the Oklahoma City Federal Building on the day of the 1995 bombing.

In the Spiritualist tradition, Spiritual Guides often take the form of “Spirit” Guides. In this case, these “Guides” may be a deceased family member of friend. In other cases, these Spiritual Guides may be refer to a Mediumistic control, who assists the Medium in contacting the spirits of the dead.

Eileen Garrett, one of the most renowned mediums of the last century no less than four Spiritual Guides. One was Uvani, an alleged Arab soldier from the 1500’s, was the first of the Spiritual Guides to make contact with her. Then, there was Abdul Latif, an Iranian physician from the 17th century, who assisted her with healing. Ramah and Tahotah, two other Spiritual Guides, showed up occasionally. To contact her Spiritual Guides, Garrett trained in Hewat McKenzie’s, founder of the British College of Psychic Science, a school for Mediumship.

In Shamanistic Traditions, like those of the Native American, Spiritual Guides may be certain animistic creatures, like bear or wolf, who aid the Shaman or Medicine Man but also are available in different levels of the tribal community. At one level, clans, small groups within the tribe, are often identified with certain creatures, who are their Spiritual Guides. So you have the Bear Clan, Bears as Spiritual Guides Bear might counsel the Clan Member on how to communicate with spirits, special healing powers or a teaching on how to leave the body.

In Channeling, Spiritual Guides can be the “Higher Self” of the channeller or even an advanced, highly evolved entity. One of the most well-known is J. Z. Knight. The entity she channels is called, Ramtha, who claims to have been a warrior/conqueror over 35,000 years ago on this planet. Spiritual Guides like Ramtha can lead their followers through a complex web of metaphysical assertions about reincarnation, higher dimensions, spiritual law and personal destiny.

In certain UFO circles, Spiritual Guides may claim to advanced beings from galactic civilizations. Billy Meier, who lives in Switzerland- and who has fathered a large, controversial UFO movement based, in part, on his wonderful photographs and abundant channeled information from the Pleiadians, is known for his frequent contacts with Semjase, a female Pleiadian, on of his Spiritual Guides, who advised him for decades.

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